This some good info!

I learned a few tricks myself when I was doing an X-Wing helmet and I was working on the set of Green Lantern last year as prop/costume flight gear consultant. I was able to get some great tips from one the paint guys on set. He had been doing that stuff for like 20+ years! He was amazing he could make paint look like rust and you had to be less than 10-12" from it to tell. Step back 3 feet and it looked like rust it was insane!
absolutely amazing. one question though, im thinking about making my armor from pvc or cardboard, would i weather in pretty much the same way?
Thanks for posting this thread. As a newbie myself, I wasn't quite sure on how to go about weathering properly. This will go a long way to helping with that.
Highly informative. I will be referring back to this thread as I hope to start painting and weathering my armor over my Christmas break.
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