Weathering gloves and boots - "dirty them up".


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Does anyone has a definite way to weather the S1 gloves and boots? (and you add the jumpsuit here too) I've heard a few people use some kind of powder to make them look like "dirty", some use charcoal, some use airbrush...some even do some gardening with the gloves to make them look, well, dirty!

About the boots, I've heard that some people use the boots constantly to make them look beat up. Go to check the mail, walk around in the park, etc. I don't think that guys with MC boots will do that kind of stuff.

Anyways, what do you use or think?

Heres what I have used in the past.

Take a clean pump sray bottle, a bottle of liquid RIT dye Black. or DARK grey. Deluted with HOT water until it is a dark transparent shade. Adjust the sprayer to a FINE mist and standing at few feet Let loose with a fine Mist. allow to dry between applications.
This has worked well with My Boots and my Jump suit.
On the Pockets and places where Fett would have touched is suit, Like Pockets and such I dirty up those areas a little heavier as dirty hands/ Gloves would soil the suit more in those parts. as well I beleieve that having a JET pack on your Back would cuase the areas in the rear to get filthy from Exhuast Blast. take a look at the Boots wes has up The MC boot on there has been weathered in this fashion. Just MY 2 cents
Pastel chalk. Run a little on some sandpaper to make the powder and pat it on.

On the boots, it's good to airbrush a textile paint on, like Createx, etc.
Thanks, S1. I just found another way to dirty the gloves (and cheaper)...a pencil! Using a normal pencil sideways, rubbing the side of the tip or "shading" like the art students call it. I did that in the white parts of the glove and looks awesome.

Of course, this is the first step and the right way to start doing it without messing up the gloves. Add a little more if needed, or you could use other kinds of pencils, like the ones they use in arts (EBONY).

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