Weathering flight suit


Here’s a few more photos:



Ord Mantell

Active Hunter
Awesome man let me know how the boots go :). I have some aqua blue acrylic, so I’m gonna paint the blue, before I weather them with dirty down. Here’s what I mean, with the slight blue, on the original shoes.

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that blue is actually the base color of the boot. It's just an unweathered spot. Make sure your boots are blue/gray before you weather, and intentionally leave that spot unweathered.



Jr Hunter
Just a tip.. I started my weathering while on the mannequin, but eventually took it off for the remaining coats because it was kind of difficult spraying evenly in places like between the legs, under the arms, etc.
Thankyou for the advice will start him off tried to take it off but after 40 mins chasing him around the house the mannequin won
Needing to weather a new ESB flight suit myself, so this has been super helpful. Just wish we could get that Dirty Down spray here in the US. Anybody know of anything comparable that is Stateside?