Weathering "bath"?


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There seems to be lots of questions being asked about gauntlets suddenly, so let me ask this...

My mom used to paint these resin sculptures using acrylics. When she was done she would clear coat them and then rub/pour a liquid weathering "bath" on them. This stuff would seep into the cracks and make the little statues look old. Afterwards she would simply dap off the excess, let them dry and clear coat them again.

I was getting ready to put the resin bits on my gauntlets and thought after I did this and before I dry-brush it with silver, I could use this type of weathering. This would really help fill in those gaps around where the resin and styrene meet. It would also give them that grimy, lived-in look.

Has anyone here ever tried this? If so, what did you mix up to create this type of solution.

Oh, and I'm using all enamels on my gauntlets.

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RS suggested a combination of 95% windshield washer fluid and 5% acrylic black paint.

I have used this method for my armor and it works great, as the washer fluid will evaporate and only the residual black was will be left. You may want to check out the official colour's thread under helmet form or here.

Also I ended up using a mixture of about 85% washer fluid and 15% black paint - awesome results (so I think at least :D).

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you may also try and use about 50% ink and 50% plain ol water.... I use this method all teh time painting my "forge world" and "40K" stuff. Works wonders..... also works on that standard miliray scle i think its liek 33mm or somethign, its whatever.. :p


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Thanks for the help! Works been killing me lately, so I haven't gotten as far as I wanted to this week on them, but I am extremely close to finishing them I can try "washing" them!