Wasted Fett Unaltered Hero helmet Painted by Superjedi


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This thread will show off the great work done by superjedi on my Wasted Fett ESB/ROTJ SE Hero helmet. This helmet was a work of art all in itself without being painted, but I could not resist having something just a cut above the average joe.



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very cool. Did you primer the helmet and if so, did that diminish the paint impression and make it harder to follow to some degree or did you find it not a problem?
Yeah, I primed the helmet. You should always use primer on any project. I used Tamiya fine surface primer, which goes on super smooth.

The surface of the helmet does capture the original paint details, which are fascinating to look at. Before I shot the primer I took a lot of measurements and did some adjustments to my existing stencils.
Some of the impressions in the surface are readily visible even after a layer of primer and paint. Some of them though are more subtle and appear more like very slight differences in surface texture. Once I hit the helmet with primer, those disappeared.