Wasted Fett Jango helmet build by Fett 4 Real


Active Hunter
Here's the CRL on the helmet:
Thanks for backing me up ShortFuse!!
The following costume components are present and appear as described below.

  • There are two versions of helmet:
    • Dented – A small dent is located to the top wearer’s left of the helmet. This helmet can be worn with the JT-12 “Arena Jetpack” or the Z-6 “Classic Jetpack”.
    • Non-Dented – No dent is present and this helmet can ONLY be worn with the Z-6 “Classic Jetpack”.
  • Helmet has a dark colored, full one piece "T" visor.
  • Helmet has a rangefinder and stalk on the right side.
  • The mandibles and head band are a medium blue color.
  • The upper cheeks, ear pieces and rangefinder are a darker blue color.
    • Both blues match the visual references as closely as possible in similar lighting.
  • The dome, lower cheeks, key slot area and the back of the helmet are silver in color.
  • The helmet is weathered to match visual references as closely as possible.
  • (2) 1/8 inch parallel strips extend around the dome, just above the blue band, and stop on either side of the right earpiece attachment.
    • Auto pin-striping is recommended.
  • The keyhole slots in the rear of helmet are cut out clean and backed with dark mesh, fabric or screening underneath.
  • The ear cap on the rangefinder side of the helmet is attached so that it almost closes the gap between the top and bottom half and so that it sits lower than the piece that's formed into the helmet itself.