Was this the original template for the flak vest attachment?

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this has probably already been discussed before, so apologies if I'm going back over ground that has been covered in an old thread somewhere, but in this photo, the armor hanging on the wall on the upper right seems to have holes in it. Looks to me like the template for placing the grommet holes in the flak vest. Is there any other photos of this holy armor? Looks like something went screwy with the collar.



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Also looks like the armor is not thick enough to put in a screw/bolt and then resin/bondo over and sand smooth like I've seen some folks do for the helmet/visor attachments. A strange mystery indeed. I would think that our Lord and Savior, Master RafalFett would have something to say on this one.


....and look at who responded before I had a chance to hit "Post Reply". ;) I'm just amazed at the amount of knowledge that RafalFett has. (y)