Warning.....Girlfriend Alert!!!


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It was a sad day for me the other day....

My girlfriend, who I love and adore, committed the cardinal sin and all I could do was stand there and watch in slow motion as my newly painted knee pad fell through the air, bounced off an open draw and smashed on the floor.

A truely sad, sad day.

Boy did she feel sheepish! It wasn't out of spite, just a plain old accident, good thing I love her otherwise it would have been a case of "no disintegrations" straight out the window.

Luckily BM has offered to craft me a new one, so thanks buddy!

So be wary folks, accidents can happen!


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hey, in a fit of rage my girlfriend took the top off my stasis tube and slammed it to the ground.

As if that wasn't enough, she didn't feel it got enough bounce so she picked up again and threw it even harder until it BOUNCED ! -edit- my girl wanted me to add that it bounced off not only the ground but hit the ceiling too...we have marks to prove it.

I just looked at her turned away and said "weathering"

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Got Maul said:
I just looked at her turned away and said "weathering"

:lol: That is freakin' HILARIOUS !!! I think the coolness to shrug off such a moment of rage is the ulimate last word,which I'm notoriously known for.


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aw heck, when she goes to that kind of extreme, you sort of have to...that and you'll always have that story to reference when other arguments come up !


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any pics?
I did this 2 days before Halloween...
whoa... well accidents do happen my friend... but it's always seems they are done for some type of reason wihch make it not really an accident. of course you never intentionally dropped it but what if you didn't drop it. maybe you wouldn't hear these great stories of others peoples experiences or get a second chance to perfect your knee guanlet. well im not trying to be philisophical just trying to make you think...as always

regards from The-Dark-Knight-