Warning truckbed liner !!


Hey anyone had this problem . I wanted to beef up my styrene armor . The crotch armor ( as it is under some stress ) tends to crack and split when bending etc . I thought I would use some of this truckbed spray on liner to beef it up . I sprayed it on kinda thick ( maybe that was the problem .. too thick ? ) and left it to dry . When I came back 5 min later the stuff was running in 1 big blob :( . I quickly layed it flat and smoothed it out ( tradagy avoided ). Then a couple of hours later I checked it to see how it was doing a noticed the paint on the good side was bubbling aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggg :angry . I also noticed that the styrene had gone very soft in some spots . I'm hoping with a few days when the truck liner has a chance to really harden so will the styrene . Heads up !!


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Styrene is a very tempermental material. It doesn't like harsh solvents,which the base of the truck liner is solvent based,even moreso while in spraycans so it will propel. You might be better off to get some mineral spirits and clean it off completely to avoid further complications and then patch the crack from the inside with a strip of spare styrene.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you,but in an instance I had of similar nature I had resorted to placing the items in the freezer for a couple of hours and then out in the sun....the extreme temperatures shocked the material into finally hardening up. I tried waiting it out for days at room temperature,but after I started the freezer/sun method all was well.

Good luck(y)



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Thats why I recommended Plastidip. Truckbed liner is for hard ABS which is what beds are made of, or metal.