Want a free neck seal??


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Well i hope that got your attention(y)

To anyone who has the right material "tackle twill" for the vest and neck seal. i need a good sized swatch to use to locate some in my area.
To whomever PM's me, i will have my buddie test out a few neckseal, till he gets it right.:cheers

and i will send one to you for your help!

I cant be 100% sure any material will be here or if it'll be done soon but if i can get very close i'll try it out, or i will some how compensate you for your help if i cant find any..:(

so if your gonna chuck out scrap "tackle twill", send it my way (small piece is needed only)

but pls PM me first...i only need one sample.
and i'll inform the rest who's helping me.

and if you know of any site that show how to make one that would help...i sure he can figure it out himself BUT i know how picky Fett heads can be..;) and i want to get it right the first time and not waste time and material.


Edit *
3x3" piece is cool.

thx again.
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Thx mandalore697... i didn't have the heart to say that to him..;)

Anyways it look like Teamfett is going to help me out.(y) (y)

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