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i have a vortex for my jango and was going to cut into my jet pack to hide it, but then got to thinking about the integerty of the pack after i did not to mention having to find a place for the PA....anyone have any good "hiding spots" that im not thinking about??
Inside your bucket. BobaFettish has the RadioShack ver and eveything is in his bucket. It works and looks great.
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well, not sure if you guys can do it but I have my radioshack amp system under my ab plate, right above my belt. I actually have it attached to my jet pack harness strap that goes across there and it works great for me.
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i bought a while back the same kind of amp, the discontinued one. but i think is too bulky to put anywhere. did you gutted the thing out in order to make it fit?
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i know the one you are talking about, the black C shaped one? i have the littler white boxy one i trimmed down as small as i could get it, i hear a little feedback but not alot, would like to have ZERO but that may not be a option, but its better than the muffled guy under a helmet sound anyday :)
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Could a voice AMPs fit in a Rubies bucket? Thanks. I saw BobaFettish's one and it looks sweet.
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You can always paint the smaller one brown and hide it among your pouches. That's my plan.

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I have a Rubies helmet and the C shaped RS amp is heavy and bulky. I can not see how anyone would fit that in a helmet.
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I have the big RS "C" shaped speaker too. You're right, it's very big and cumbersome. It's loud though. It takes 6 AA batteries and is very heavy. This is why I'm going with the smaller one and painting it brown.

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I've tried other voice amps, and none of them compare to the sound quality of the black
Radio Shack amps. They are a bit large, but most of the bulk is in the casing. Once you
break it apart, it isn't that hard to distribute the smaller components as you see fit.

As for me, I'm still debating whether or not to put the speaker in the helmet. It seems
like the most logical place for your voice to come from, but shielding against feedback
has been a challenge so far. Any suggestions from the veterans out there?
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I took mine apart, replaced the battery connection to run off a 9V battery, and i stuck all the guts in the helmet. I extended the wires for the speaker itself and used a small plug so I could disconnect it easily. The speaker will either go under my chest/ab armour, or possibly in my neck seal.

Here it is minus the 9V battery connector.



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Can you measure the parts and post dimensions?
They might fit in my pouches broken down like that.
I'd hate to tear it apart and discover it won't.

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This is probably a subject for another thread but:

With all the people with electronic skills in here would it not be possible for someone to take apart one of the RS voice amps , study its workings and post schematics and a parts list so we could make our own? Living in the UK the only way to obtain a RS amp is to buy off Ebay (expensive and getting more so) or from here when they come up . Call me tight but I always prefer to build rather than buy if at all possible.It adds to the satisfaction of knowing you have done it all yourself and leaves money to be spent on other items you can't build yourself. I have tried searching the web for schematics for a voice amp but have drawn a blank. It would also enable us to resize/ position elements of the rig to better suit our needs re hiding the speaker etc etc.

Just a thought....
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voice amps ??

Where can I find a Voice AMP? I was at Radio Shack today and they said they don't carry them any more. Thanks.

I like yours Boba Fettish.
Do a search, check the cargo hold, Ebay, etc. There seem to be new threads about this every week.
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