Gauntlet questions/issues

Hello there!
I have started back on my Jango build again (been in boxes for about 8 or 9 years untouched) and I have a few questions:
1. I’ve got cruzer coldcast armour and gauntlets and they were wrapped in newspaper when I got them, which now has transferred the print to the armour. Pic attached. Any suggestions on what to use to get rid of it? I’ve tried warm soapy water so far.... no good
2. Is the a good pic heavy tutorial on here for assembling the gauntlets?
3. The lower shells on both gauntlets don’t quite line up. I’ve seen people heating them with heat guns BUT will this work on cold cast without damaging them?
Thanks heaps for your help


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There is a tutorial for the gauntlets.

And for the newspaper imprint. I'm sure once you actually start buffing the cold cast under cold water with 0000 steel wool it should buff out the imprint?


Your cold cast armor isn't polished yet. Like the previous poster said, take some 0000 steel wool and polish the armor under cool running water. Not only will the newspaper print come off but the shine of the cold cast will reveal itself. That needs to be done to every single piece of cold cast armor components you have.
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