Voice Amp Installation Questions...



I just managed to get my hands on one of the black voice amps from Radio Scrap that everyone loves so much...

Who has some decent pictures of their install for this item in a Boba bucket...

Something that would be removable would be great since I plan on splitting this between a Trooper rig and a Fett rig.

Secol_fett had a great tutorial on how to do this on his web site check here. Hope you dont mind me linking this for our comrade secol

I dont know how removable it woul be but i am sure you can come up with something from here


Hrmmmmmmmm, the concept is cool and I've heard people say that they've taken theirs apart however then it becomes difficult to mount it inbehind the center chest plate on a storm trooper...

I wanna be able to hot swap depending on which suit I'm wearing at the time.

Thanks for the post though, its given me some ideas on the inside of my bucket and wearer comfort LOL.

Well the best bet may be to do it like this. See diagram number 1 and the other pics there on how to make the shoulder strap set up. You could use that for under a ST ab plate and a fett ab plate i would think. Then just find a way to get an extra microphone one for each helmet or have a clip so its removeable too. The amp section is over to the right side of this site...


And hopefully TK409 doesnt mind this link....

I've been on TK's site nuuuuuuuumerous times and see his idea will probably fit best...

I just wanted to get a look at some of the inside of everyones buckets... Kinda like "pop your hood" so to speak.

I wouldn't even bother trying to install the unit in the helmet. Weighs too much, hard to balance the weight, and you'll get too much feedback due to the volume of the amp. I know some TK'ers use different amp systems in their buckets, using the front vents as speaker areas. However, they have ALOT more room in a stormtrooper helmet than we do in a Fett.

I simply put mine in a side pouch on the ammo belt. It's loud enough to be heard in a normal environment, and it stays out of sight. The only modification I made was to add an in-line mute switch, hidden inside the arm-hole of the vest.

I didn't mean to shoot you down on this. If you DO find any decent ideas, please post them!

By the way, has anyone tried one of those expensive larynx-wrap style mic systems? I think some of the elite military units use these. They wrap around the neck and use the vibrations of the vocal chords/larynx to reproduce the sounds...
Nawww, I don't feel "shot down" at all... I'm learning new things from each and every one of you which makes anything you say important and objective.

I'll experiment with it more and more when I have it and when I have the rest of the soft suit ready to go.

The throat mics work well however the cost far outweights the cool factor. I've used them in the Armed Forces (Force Recon unit) as well as a couple of times while on a Protections detail.

If you got the bling bling then its all good... If not then I'd be thankful for what you're using LOL.

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