Vinyl Jango to ESB transformation


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One of my customers sent me this jango helmet to turn into a ESB bucket.I installed the visor, and went at it.
Here is the end result.








This is a hard item to send


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yup just camo green with a few shots of spruce and a little black and rust primer to make it look more authentic.
Started off with a silver undercoat, used mustard for the dome damage, and the rest is hand applied with basic acrylics, which were rust red, silver, black,and antique gold .
On the back i used hunter green, and the left earcap was gold acrylic.
The kill stripes were masked off with tape and mustard, then i used basic yellow with a few shots of rusty primer to get the golden color.
I used a smoked visor instead of green cause that is what they wanted me to put in for them.

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I think its a fantastic paint job!:eek:
A super amount of effort shown indeed!(y)

I wish it were done on a much better bucket like a MS3 or BM etc etc...:facepalm

Heck, even a DP would be a better Boba bucket shape.:rolleyes

But with the amount of buckets available today, the Rubies Jango would have been last on the list for a Boba bucket for me.:confused

I just cant see past the aweful mishaping/elongation of those Rubies Jango's buckets.:puke

Its like Joe Pesci's, Nicky Santoro in casino having Boba fett's head in that vice and screaming "now look what you made me do you, you *&$@*..."

Just my opinion. :)
(i had a rubies jango and now use it for a fruit bowl as it was originally intended for:lol: )

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I do agree ...I do not like vinyl helmets myself, but if thats all someone can afford for their first helmet, why not have a cool looking one, and if they ever wanted to sell it, they would have no problem getting a good price for it now.
It will also serve as a really nice display helm when not in use.I know I kept staring at it....lollololol
Besides when i got the visor in and painted it, it actually became a lot stiffer, and really the helmet itself was not warped at all.
The rotj helm in my other thread was a skygunbro bucket, which is a really nice helm after all the sanding is said and done.


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When I got my first Rubies Jango, I didnt care much about the details.....until I noticed no pin stripes....wrong colors....small visor....ect. If you paint it up real good, I bet it can be a good helmet for anyone. However, as some could not stop looking at it, I dread mine now. Perhaps I wont sell it the future, as it gives me motivation to never be that crappy. I think though, that you should just choose somethin that you will be happy with. I guess its just like trying to find the best Tuba for yourself. It takes time and money, and being able to look at all your options, but once you got it, your stuck with it....cause you already paid for it...:lol:

(Who uses his school YBB-641 Yamaha, which factory price is $9k)


When I used this bucket for my conversion I noticed that over time, the dent "repaired" itself. I wound up having to put the dent in deeper than it should have been and I also held the dent in while I used an ice cube on the other side. It "repaired" to about half the depth I made and stayed that way since. I hope you dont run into this problem...


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no..the earpeice is all molded into the helmet, no detachable parts.
They just wanted a cool helmet that looked close.They were not worried about all the little details.


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hey that's cool!!

alot better then my Jango to ESB bucket.

I did change the earpiece though, but I hardly noticed you didn't here.

terrific paint job!!