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Recently bought a SGB vest from a fellow TDH'er. I think I might have bought a vest that is too small for me though (I am 6'3" tall). It seems fine around the chest, but perhaps short. The problem is I am not really sure if it is :confused short or not because I don't really know where it should come to. I know that the girth belt goes around my waist and the the leather belt on top of that. It basically hits the bottom of my rib cage, which seems short - is it? Sorry the fully costumed pictures are not helping much and I have not found any shots of people with just the vests with a pair of jeans and t-shirt or something (hard to tell with a jumpsuit).
Thx for any help.
The best way to judge the size (height) is to lay your armor on top. Use reference photos to see how the layout compares to your own. Believe me, the armor vest is alot shorter than what you're used to.
Ah, so just below my nipples is only good for my Paris Hilton Boba Fett costume? :lol:

Thanks guys, that's big help. The vest is just above my belly button. I will lay the armor on it and see how that looks. I just wonder at 6'3" if my armor might be too small as well - as long as I don't breathe much I should be ok... :p Only one way to tell I guess, and that's to get up off my lazy backside and finish it!
Yeah, at first I thought mine was too small then when looking at everyone elses. Theirs all land aroung the normal belly button area. Unless you've had an operation and no longer have one. Anywho be sure to post pics of your paris hilton fett costume
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