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I've read the old threads regarding PP up sizing on diameters for the jump suit. How about the vest? Any special tips here from those with experience from PP. I'm sending them my material tomorrow so any and all recommendations would be appreciated.
Talk to Trooper TK409, he ordered both his Jsuit and vest from PP. He could tell you the details. There's also a thread around about this too, which he actually gave a complete review of the vest and the Jumpsuit in another thread as well.

I've reviewed the old threads (as noted above)and there is yet to be any specific measuring adjustments recommended for the vest form PP that I've seen. If none are required, great. There is a a lot available on the suit which I think your referring to. Spoke to Chris about the measuring but nothing different from the way he measured in general. This being slightly different from recs in the threads. I'm looking for info from individuals who have ordered from the PP and any pitfalls in size that can be avoided (pertaining to the vest) before I send them the material we all went in on a while back. The specific vest thread is a pros and cons not measurement adjustments. From the overwhelming response either not many have ordered or there is no problem. I'll hope for the later.
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