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So I've been in a "bust A$$ and get it done mode" recently. I took to sewing up my jumpsuit and dying it. So now I'm onto the vest.
If you would believe it, here in Santa Barbara, CA we have not 1 fabric store. I'm not positive on our local population numbers, but odds are that I'm not the only one in need of fabric...Moving on.
I'm looking at throwing a vest together and I have a pattern so no problem there but I wanted to know what has been most commonly used to give the vest that "puffy" look. Batting, foam, plaster of paris, employment applications? I was thinking of using a towel. I'm really really bummed about the fabric issue right now.... I'm using sheets. Yup, sheets to scratch this thing together. Beggers can't be choosers right?
On a side note, if anyone has a resource for somewhat screen accurate fabric, I'm looking so let me know. The current incarnation is really more of a test of my sewing ability anyway, and on the bright side, I don't have more than a few bucks invested right now sooo....

Thanks in advance,
This is the stuff:

Yes, it's batting. The stuff I linked to is polyester. You could use the cotton, but it tends to be prone to bunching, shifting, wrinkling up, etc, especially since most of the vest is not "quilted" down like the little sleeves are. The polyester is probably hotter but at least it will last forever. I advise not quilting the back, by the way, for comfort.
You aint kiddin Geo!!!!
there aint JACK SH** in ol SB for fabric stores now that Betty's is closed
you could try Michaels in Goleta for the batting, they might have it ????

PM Sent

Foam can get a bit on the HOT side if you use it in the vest :lol: but would probably work on the shoulder pad thingys. Ordering fabric on line can be a gamble, I ordered a bunch of stuff once, it looked TOTALLY different from what was on the computer :angry Good luck! :D
The real vest isn't exactly "puffy." While it doesn't appear to be just two layers of unlined fabric, it isn't all that thick. I would also recommend the type of batting Lisa linked you to, but only do a single layer of it. The vest should fit pretty snug to your body, and a "puffy" vest will just make you look thicker, not to mention the heat retention. It will bunch up towards the bottom if you don't put an occasional stitch or two where the armor plates will hide them. If you are going to attach your armor via snaps, then they will keep it in place.
So I know I've been on the board for over a year and a half now, I still have yet to really posted any progress pictures...Sorry guys.
Anyway, I got down to business and used, get this.... A Martha Stewart pillowcase and a $1.99 K-mart towel. Don't sigh just yet, It actually came out pretty well. Obviously not an accurate vest, I simply wanted to get it done before Halloween and I've accomplished that.
Now I wouldn't leave the house in a state that would dishonor or misrepresent any of our Fett's so I'll get a picture up and you can approve or dissaprove, I'll welcome any comments of course. I think you'll all be surprised.
I will be heading out of town in a week or so so I'll hit up a legit fabric store and try and find something a bit more accurate but what I've done is "good enough" for now (I never really wanted to say that in regards to this project). With all the work and money I've dumped into this so far, I feel bad about not being as accurae as possible but on the bright side, I now know how to sew and I'll be that much better at it when I put my final vest together. I'll be using the batting and techniques you all suggested when I complete this in the future and I really appreciate all of your help.
I'll take some pictures tonight and throw them on my yahoo site tomorrow so you can all have a laugh.

Geoff. If you have an upholstery fabric store around, that's where I got my stuff. The fabric is your choice and use your judgement, but the puffy came from using auto headliner material. Not too thick and gives the effect I was looking for. It won't bunch either, since it's kinda like fabric and not batting. Hope this helps, bud.
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