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EDIT: *Link Fixed*

Hi all,

So, I've hand sewn my vest. It's the 1st time I've ever sewn and I think it looks OK. It looks better on, but it's also the first time I've ever used a digital camera and uploaded pictures etc, and this is a bit of a test. If it works I'll post pics of detail and me wearing it soon.

LMK what you think. All constructive criticism welcomed. Sorry it's a link rather than a pic, but I haven't got time to work it all out at the mo. I'll update soon once I have more time.

Also let me know what you think of the material The second pic). It's plain white, so I'll need to dye it, but I think the pattern looks pretty close (if you can make it out. the camera seemed to have difficulty focusing on it so close, even using the macro setting).

Click here for pics

Thats a great picture of a sixties couple getting their mac on but the vest isn't there.
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Just drag the link to the adress window and it will work..
The vest looks great! Fabric and colors looks great!
OOOHHHH! Looking pretty good there bud! (y) Could maybe use a little padding, but otherwise it looks great! Now all ya need is some armor to stick on it! :)
Thanks guys,

The front and the sleeves are padded a little. It doesn't come across too good in the pic, but I'll hopefully get some pics up showing the padding and sleeve stitching detail soon.

I've now sewn snaps on the sleeves for the shoulder bells and they look pretty good on. Pics up soon.

I need to get the snaps done for the chest armour. I'll do that later this week then post pics.

I'm borrowing a sewing machine soon so I might be able to run up a couple more vests a lot quicker than I was able to hand stitch this sucker! ;)

Watch this space, and keep the critiques coming.

Looks good to me also. I'd like to see it worn too, easier to see where everything is and if there might be problems. But it looks like the right shape, and it's a hell of a lot more than I could make ;)

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