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After some very, very thorough research by some of the Fett sticklers here along with an exhaustive search for it's origin, we feel that the most accurate vest fabric currently available has been located. The color is a very "warm" gray (almost white) and the fabric composition (weave, texture) is extremely close to that of the MoM RotJ vest. Look at the pics below and judge for yourself.

Vest Comparison 1.JPG
Vest Comparison 3.JPG

The manufacturer of this material has a somewhat limited supply of it. They also only make this material about once a year, so when they run out of this batch, it won't be available again until 2004.

This color is for the RotJ vests. The ESB vests are slightly darker, and we are not 100% positive how well it will accept dye due to the very small test sample that was provided. A similar material that was located did accept dye, but we do not want to promise that this one will. Due to the limited supply of this material and the fact that the manufacturer will not do small sales of it (they are a wholesaler who deals in bulk), we need to do a big order of it. Therefore if you are interested in getting in on this possible one-time only deal, please post below so we can get an exact amount needed. The cost is $16.00/yd. I would recommend no less than 2 yds. for a vest, although I personally am going to get 2-1/2 just to be on the safe side (something I recommend). That would make it $40 + S&H. A NON-OFFICIAL delivery date would be about a month from the date they receive payment. Only post IF you can make this monetary commitment now as we want to order it a.s.a.p. Once we know the total amount to order, we will request payments.

A side note: This is also the same fabric used on the backs of Fett's gloves (the white panels).
I am trying to nail down a dependable seamstress. As far as the perfect pattern, I am still looking for that myself. I am well aware of the Simplicity cheerleader pattern, but it is not what I had in mind.
The fabric looks great. I know the neck and vest have been said to be the same. But I think the Anklets have been said to be the same also. Correct me if Im wrong. The back of the gloves I was unaware of. If its something that would come together in two weeks I'd be game. You'd have to PM if earlier as the wife does not like to much stuff on any one paycheck. I have gauntlets in the shoot right now.
I'm sure I could dirty the $hit out of it without going for the die job. Sure would be a lot better than what I have! Although it makes me nervious to get involved with a bunch of wannabe ROTJers I think I am in as well!! ;)
Thanks for the quick replies guys as this is going to be a fairly quick deal.

WPK, we were actually discussing the dirtying of the vest. It appears that the original RotJ vest may have actually been white and dirtied up to give it the gray color. If you blow up the pics big enough, you see white in the 'pockets' of the fabric. Still, the 'warm' gray fabric we are looking at actually matches it up pretty damn nicely.

I need to study the pics a bit more before I will say that the vest and neckpiece are the same fabric. They are obviously different colors, but fabrics........ I dunno. The ankle covers are the same material as the cloth belt pouches, not the vest. That is a cotton blend of some kind, definately not the same as the vest fabric.

I currently have a vest pattern. It is not the best, but I may be able to tweak it to my standards. ;) I am trying to secure a very accurate pattern from someone else. I am awaiting an email from them to see if I can secure the rights to it. Once I (hopefully) do, I am going to ask a girl who works as a seamstress in the costume dept. at my college if she'd be interested in making mine. If she agrees, I'll see if she'd be interested in doing more and what she'd charge. At this point, this is NOT A CONFIRMATION OF EITHER THE PATTERN OR THE SEAMSTRESS, so hold off on asking me for the details. However, the fabric is ready and in-stock. If you have a seamstress and/or pattern already, don't wait on me. :)

Once I know the total yardage to order, I will let everyone know the payment info.
Um... I want some! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! I would like 4 yrds please :D Let me know when you would like da money! :lol: I actually added a yard because I noticed a few people believe that the neck piece is the same fabric ... SO DO I :D
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