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Wannabe Mandalorian

Does anyone know where i could get a pattern of bobas vest, do you know what the material is, also do you know where i could get bobas boots in a womens UK size 5?

Thanks for your help :)

I'm happy to trace round my vest and send the pattern to you if you like. It'll be too big, but you should be able to scale it down to fit you without too much bother, or I could even do it for you if you LMK your measurements.

I worked out the shape and details myself, but it seems fine to me and others who have them have liked them so far. LMK

As far as boots go, I'm not sure if there's still time to jump on, but check out THIS BOBA FETT BOOT THREAD.

Hope this helps.

Hi Han Hunter its me IC could you give me the pattern for your vest, a good thing is my mum is a seamstress :p

Yeah I figured out it was you :lol:

PM or mail me your address and I'll see what I can do. Need to find a big bit of paper!

Mum's a seamstress, eh? Worth knowing! ;)

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