Using Arcylic and Enamel Paints Together

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Hello everyone,

I have searched the board and was unable to find this topic, so forgive me if it exists somewhere. :)

I was wondering if anyone has experience using acrylic and enamel paints together. For example on the bucket, an enamel primer, then an acrylic silver and then enamel green.

For that matter any combination of acrylic and enamel. :D

I am assuming proper curing time and adequate sanding to ensure the paint sticks. I am unsure if there would be a bonding issue between the two types of paint.

Thanks for everyone's help and sorry again if this is a repeated topic.

Usually it's best to use an acrylic Over an Enamel, rather then enamel over acrylic.
Enamels dry to a hard finish while acrylics dry to a softer more "Flexable" finish. I'm not saying it can't be done and it probably has.
Say you wear your helmet to a fan celebration or such and there is a parade or an out door event. If it's hot out, Acrylics and Enamels react differently to heat. The acrylic can soften thus cracking the Enamel over it.
I know from experience. Although, being on a well traveled bounty hunters helmet, cracks or flakes might not look so bad.
Just out of curiousity, is there a reason you want to put Green Enamel over Silver Acrylic instead of Green acrylic over silver enamel?
If you are going to do the "reveal" technique on your helmet, A good base of silver enamel,given proper time to cure, will be alot stronger and you won't end up scratching off the silver too.
I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Please correct me if I'm wrong anyone.
But this has been my experience.
Robert E.
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Thanks for the info - I appreciate it.

The main reason is that I have a bottle of arcylic Silver paint lying around. I was contemplating buying a bottle of enamel and using all the same types of paint. I was just wondering if I really had to or if I could just use what I had.

Anyhow - sounds like for the effort that is involved with painting a bucket/armor I am better off using the same type of paint. That way I can control any damage effects.

Thanks again!

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Anyone tried that new krylon fusion paint for plastic. I'd think that might work pretty good on vinyl helmets.
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judz dwedd wrote:

Anyone tried that new krylon fusion paint for plastic. I'd think that might work pretty good on vinyl helmets.

I looked at it in Wal-Mart but the selection of colors that are made as fusion are very limited. Black, white, off white, red, blue and yellow I think. If they made more colors I'd give it a whirl.
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You CAN use Acrylic over the Enamel no problem.
In fact, I would recommend this for a Boba paint job.
Especialy if you are doing the "Reveal" technique.
Acrylic is also easier to take off if you make a mistake since it's water based.
Robert E.
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tecnincly guys ALL paints are "enamels". BUt i can tell you that oil paint can go over anyhting easily, however acrylic or latex paint can go over oil, but it needs a ton of well done prep work, as waterbased paint will not stick to oil base easily. i would not recomment mixing bases as it eventually leads to problems, no matter what base you used first. i have used the krylon fusin paint, and its works great on my stuff, no melting or weird drips....

just my .02 rupies
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