US. Divers BELT in ESB ???

Nope! Here's a pics for your reference.(y)



Ops... Bad done.. :(, I guess I will have to sale the one I have now :( (I though he used it on all films).

BTW, what is that wire that goes from the vet to the ammo belt ???
The US Divers belt was the only buckle type used for the original trilogy jet pack harness. Keep it. The wire going down from the vest on the right hand side of the screen is the power cable for the chest display.
the belt is supposed to be hidden under the vest, so it's possible in the esb shots it's not showing.

in rotj he moved around more, which could explain it slipping out.

my guess is that the wire you see is from the chest display, and going to a battery in the belt. i can't confirm that, but it is logical. it's also what i do with my battery :)
You can't see it, but I think the idea was that it wasn't supposed to be visible.
I would imagine it's on the ESB suit, but it is only visible depending on how it was put on.
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
You can't see it, but I think the idea was that it wasn't supposed to be visible.
I would imagine it's on the ESB suit, but it is only visible depending on how it was put on.

Exactly....I wouldn't sell it, but I also wouldn't have it showing if I had one to put on my ESB of those strange things that you'll know is there.;)

Well, its in there folks!!!!!!! It's very hard to spot, but its definately there. If I could get my stupid screen capture to work, I'd show ya, but everytime I try it, I get an entire black screen. So anyway, look very carefully at the scene where Vader says, "we would be honored if you would join us" Fett comes around the corner, & you can see it as he's lowering his gun. If that ain't a us divers buckle, then I'm a monkeys uncle!!!

edit: If I'm not mistake, it isn't JB in that particular scene, but the guy who was lukes snowspeeder gunner, Dak. For those of you who don't know, JB had to be gone for a few days during filming, and they needed to keep rolling with the film, so they got this guy, (who's name I can't remember) to wear the suit during those few days. perhaps he put the suit on a bit differently than JB????? That would maybe explain why we don't see it in any other pics etc. I know I can easily hide mine by just tightening it up a bit!!!! So maybe this guy didn't tighten up his belt:lol: Not to mention, the guy who played Dak, was apparently a bit different build than JB.

BTW: You'll have to watch the actuall movie so see it. I've never seen a still pic where it is visible.
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Well was Bulloch wearing boxers or briefs during the filming of ESB, because if we want to be totally screen worn parts accurate, we should know that too, right? I think the point here is, if you can't see it in pretty much 100% of the movie and PR shots, it's visually not part of the ESB suit!8)
I think the point is that he wants to know if he should keep the buckle or not. Pretty much goes along with the "purist" decision to go with real metal vs painted, vacuformed styrene vs fibreglass, found parts vs resin castings, and so forth. It may not be visible in the majority of the film and photos, but it's a personal decision on whether to include it or not, regardless if it's visible to others ;)
I couldnt explain it better than you JFJr.

You (GBH) say that the point is... Well, more than that... YOUR POINT is... !!! Not my point !!!

If you want to match a picture, it up to you, great, I respect that... but that is not my point... neither what I want to do. I want to make a screen accurate costume, the most accurate I can, and if I can get a found item, I will get it !!! if not, I will go for a copy.

You say is not visible, so is not part of the costume ??? What do you tell me about the harness... is not visible, so is not part of the costume ?? (I will try to get the same harness... am I stupid for that ??? maybe, but is my point).

What do you tell me about the led system of the RF ??? Have you ever seen it working on the films ??? so, as you didnt see it in the film, means that the led secuence are not part of the costume ???.

Once again, I respect your point, but is only that, Your point.

Thanks everybody for helping me and solving my doubts ;) Much appreciated !!!

P.S. if the belt is on the Pre-pro, and is on the ROTJ... I guess is more than sure that it had to be on the ESB as well ;).

Wheres that picture with all the Fett stuff laying on the floor before esb was made? I think that shows the harness.
You mean this one ???



(linked from a harness thread here in TDH... if the owner dont want me to link it, please, let me know and I Will remove it.)

yes, that is the harness, and we can see the best there as well.. ;)
There is another shot in the movie where Luke looks around the corner and Boba Fett is waiting for Luke and fires at him. When Boba lifts up his arms to fire the blaster the buckle is shown. Takemetoyourfett
And here is the "warning shot" he gives to Luke in the corridor:
(It's a little harder to see in this shot, but you can see it.)

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