UPGRADING! FandagoFett's ESB Build - Celebration to Awesome Con: A year in Pictures

Dent Eastwood

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Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to see it at celebration! I live about 45 minutes east of Orlando. Neat to see another local ESB being built! I wish mine could be done by celebration [emoji28]

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Fett 4 Real

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Can't believe neither of us has posted more. I've been busy with work and stuff. But Fandago has been busier lol.

Holster is now ready to go. Added snaps to it. And trimmed the excess casting spout and the part for the trigger guard.


Adding Velcro to the cod and kidney as well as the thong. So it can pop right on for him.



Knees are getting the final touches of strapping and back plates.



Did some little mods to RKDs flame unit. Almost done. Have one more I wanna do but need to goto Home Depot on a hunt.


We were holding off on painting the RKD gaunts but they're going now. Green coming today.


Fandango Fett

Doesn’t share his ribs.
Progress on the flight suit weathering

- - - Updated - - -

Progress on the flight suit weathering

- - - Updated - - -



Awesome looks as if alot of us will be Fetted out at Celebration I may be missing a couple of small items but im dressing out also for it! Looks awesome by the way

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Fandango Fett

Doesn’t share his ribs.
5'8.5 and I have 2 inch lifts in the boots. 5'10 with a broader back so the proportions are perfect now.

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Yeah I have RKDs armor coming soon. Thanks for the tip on the jetpack! Where did you get the harness for the jetpack ?

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