Upgrades (many pics)


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I recently started upgrading my jet pack and helmet with a MLC and BKBT2, respectively. When I also got a new JD codpiece, this led to me redoing my belt and holsters as well, this time from scratch.

The helmet had some depressions, air bubble holes and a recessed area under the left earcap that resulted in lots of bondo and pretty much reshaping the left cheek.

I thought I would throw up some progress pics.

Let me know what you think.






wet form.jpg

holst inside.jpg

holst predye.jpg

pouch inside.jpg

pouch pre dye.jpg

slate jp.jpg

front helm.jpg

back helm.jpg


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Thanks bro. The color on the jet pack came out really weird in the pic. I hate the things that flash does to blue.


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Thanks folks.

I actually lined the inside of the holster with dark brown velvet. The gun slips in and out easily while staying very snug. It also keeps the leather from scratching up my MR babies.


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how did you get the leather retain the gun form like that on your holster?

I dipped the leather in water. I wrapped the gun in saran wrap. Then I placed the gun on a flat surface and stretched the wet leather over it. I held it in place for a few minutes then let it dry over night.


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Well I think I have the servo thing figured out.

I got a small high torque servo and just mounted it flush to the inside of the ear. With 4 AAA's it hauls the solid resin RF with no problem. I cut a hole in the earcap and glued it on. I recessed 3 small rare earth magnets on the inside and outside of the earcap. I then filed down the RF stalk and mounted the servo horn connector to it. When screwed in it all looks flush and seamless.

I connected a zip zap controller board to the servo. I have been trying to get a center off toggle switch to work for the transmitter board but, unlike the bulky rotary switch it chatters in the off position. I need to get the transmitter switch small enough to mount inside my gauntlet or possibly my pouches. Any suggestions?


servo horn.JPG

rf connector.JPG

RF Mounts.jpg

earcap inside.JPG


Skalen Fehl

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Very nice, Oz!! Man I wish I could help. I failed miserably to install a moveable stalk on mine. I know you'll figure it out. Saw all your photo shoot pictures. Awesome! (y)


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You've inspired me bro! I'm heading to my local hobby shop tomorrow. Could you tell us what servo you used and torque specifics so that I know how much power I need to be looking for.(y)



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Sure man.

It is a Cirrus CS502/MG 6kg Metal Gear Low-Profle Servo.

83 oz/in at 4.8 V and 110 oz/in at 6 V

I paid $35.00 at Hobby People in San Diego.

Good luck and let me know what you do with the remote.