Custom Jango / mandalorian Flight suit - many blue hues


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I have a range of blue hues available for jango.

Jango Fett Flight Suit[/SIZE]
- Material is a Composite of Cotton and wiscott-nylon
- Light, comfortable and durable for trooping
- ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALMOST ANY CMYK colour for custom mandalorians.
USD$165 (excluding shipping)

Thanks for the support!



accepting other colours for custom flight suits as well





Some Custom Requests





Ok, guess what was at my house when I went home for lunch.... Yep, My Jango flightsuit. I tried it on and have to say- it fit perfectly. I'm sure I will have to try some of the dying solutions as others have on here to get it perfect-purple enough. It is definitely the 717 I picked so no complaints at all. The quality seems good and I am very pleased with the final product I received for the price. I do recommend it to anyone who is looking to build a Jango and doesn't want to wait 8-12 months. This seems like a good product- thank you Bleahhh.

Received my Death Watch flight suit yesterday and it is simply fantastic. The colour is a perfect match to the sample i provided.
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3weeks upon payment to ship out.
Prices will be higher after this promo
Period as I can secure limited consignment for now.
Quality is great on these so need not worry
Abt trooping or hunting arrogant jedis when wearing these!
Orders paid now till 30th Jan 2012, shipping will be FREE.

Also, usd$10 discounts on 2nd suit, vest or bolsters if payment is made together
ready to take orders~

- - - Updated - - -

Order now till Dec 31st 2012 and get $10 off the suits ($110, excluding shipping)
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I ordered 717, but was having a really hard time deciding between that and 525. I would also be really interested in other peoples opinion here. Mullreel? I know you're lurking :p
I personally went for the 525 (not shown here in complete suit. the suit u see here was my first suit but not in any of the swatches u see here).

I had the swatches here for people to choose; cause some like em slightly blue and other slightly purple.
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