Updated Pix Of My ESB Fett At Otakon


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Last Sunday I went to Otakon in Baltimore with friends from Garrison Carida, Frank Bedo, Andrew Parment and Tony Picallo.
We were made to feel very welcomed by the anime fans, which was a pleasant surprise! All I can say about the general reaction to us is "Wow!"

If interested in checkin' out some pix, here's the link to my photo-album:


The newer pix from Otakon are on the last 3 pages of my album.


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Nice shots right there! Looks like a few of you were getting tired of waiting for the food to arrive!:lol:lol::lol:

Thanks guys! I know I still have work to finish on this....

Yo Chris!

Actually, we took a break from the con and walked over to the Inner Harbor for some pix. When we got there, the manager of a very nice bar and grill called "J. Pauls" saw us, and ran out to tell us that if we came in, anything we ordered would be on the house! He is a huge SW fan(y).
We only took the offer up as far as tea and soda, then left a helluva good tip for the waiter.

(thinkin of maybe going out suited up more often now.:lol:)

Jimmy BufFETT

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(thinkin of maybe going out suited up more often now.:lol:)

I walked into Chipotle dressed as Vader once, and the cashier said my meal was on him. Now had I been acting like Larry the Cable Guy, I would have slapped my forehead and said to myself "daggum ... I coulda had more!":lol:lol::lol:
Seriously though, keep suiting up ... eventually you'll get so many free meals, that the suit will have paid for itself!!!:cheers:cheers:cheers


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Fantastic pics fella !!! :)
I know I'll get to see your suit up close soon when I finally get finshed with my BARC and Fett :) and join Carida.