Updated Jango Hoses


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A HUGE THANKS TO RAMMAGE!! Thanks man!! You did/made/figured out a spectacular job!! I cant say enough - thanks for the hoses. I was soo excited about these, that a took a bunch of pics. Sorry for those with 56k modems.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose2.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose3.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose4.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose5.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose6.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/amazinghose7.jpg>


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YEAH! Lookin' good there, Turo! :D Turns out they were the perfect size afterall. Glad to help!