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So, I'm in the process of updating my Jango costume to be more Seeker-accurate :)lol:), and I thought I'd start with my hoses. My current black hoses are all well and good, but not 100% accurate as we all know. I remember reading somewhere that Rit Dye works well to add color to clear hoses, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I went to OSH and picked up some 1/4" clear braided hosing (the smallest they had) and a pack of Rit Navy Blue Dye.


Here's what I started with.


Here's the result after one packet of dye.

It's not quite dark enough, so I figure another pack of navy would just about do it. If not, I might need to add a pack of black. I'll be sure to post pics of my progress.
Yup, it's pretty darn flexible. It's PVC w/ Nylon braids. The vinyl hoses they had at OSH were very stiff, so I avoided those. The black ones I had before were rubber, and were a bit too stiff, especially on the right gauntlet. The new ones are much more flexible, so in any case, this is an upgrade for me. :)

Here's the result after another packet of Navy Blue dye.

Much better, but might still need a hint of purple. What do you guys think?
Not bad at all, Rammage! I'm surprised the dye worked that
well in just two treatments. Is navy blue the accurate color
for the hoses though? I've been assuming they were black.

The lighting in the picture of the real deal is fairly bright, thus making the hoses look lighter than they actually are. However, we can see that they're a dark blue with perhaps a dash of purple.

Hope this helps! :)
what is OSH? and how much was the tubing?


by the way it looks really good. pretty much dead on if u ask me. i some how feel that seeker is now in the process of completing this task as well :D

OSH = Orchard Supply Hardware. I got it there, but I'm sure any home improvement store would have it. Heck, even small-end hardware stores might have it. It was dirt cheap --39 cents/foot! :D

I'm happy I've actually given Seeker an idea for a change... I'd love to see his progress. ;)
Thanks for the hose trick!!! I upgraded my hoses today!!

Heres the method I used:
1. I boiled 3 big pots of water on the stove
2. Dumped the boiling water in the washing machine
3. Filled up the rest of the tub with a hot water cycle.
4. Added one packet navy blue Rit dye
5. Let the machine agitate to mix the dyebath.
6. Dropped the hoses in.
7. Kept re-setting (manually) the wash cycle so the hoses agitate for a good 45-60 minutes
8. Let the machine go through its cycle
9. Remove movie accurate hoses.
10. Clean machine thoroughly so wife doesnt kill you!!!

The results:

Left gaunt (damn the red LED placement still bothers me here, the MB gauntlets were just too small to do it in the right place and still have it be functional):

I have a few questions, since I just got the go ahead from my wife to ruin the washing machine and I'm also working on my new gauntlets as we speak. Did you have only 1 box of dye or did you use a bottle? How much water was in the washer (small, meduim, or large load?) Did you have to add salt to the dye bath? I'm so ready to do this, because I am getting ready to unveil some more upgrades this weekend at a charity benefit our Squad is doing and these hoses would be the cherry on top of the new pieces. Thanks for doing some research on this, you have raised the bar on movie accuracy!
I used one box of navy blue rit powdered dye. I did not use the bottled stuff as I've used the purple on my jumpsuit in the past and the liquid stuff is more of a "tint" than a true dye.
I did not use salt. Thats for dying cotton. Its not necessary here.
I ran the machine on a medium load, and kept re-setting the dial when it reached the end of the wash cycle so the tub wouldnt empty the dye and rinse the hoses.
Wash the hoses for 45-60 full minutes *heavy duty cycle*, then let the machine finish the job.
When you remove the hoses, make sure to run your machine again on a large (full) capacity load with some bleach and detergent in there to clean the tub. Wipe down whatever dye splashed around as well. You should be good to go, though the purple dye tinted the plastic of my washing machines agitator - but it has faded after awhile....

good luck!
Arturo, I'm getting ready to dye a set of them tonight. I think there should be room in the washer for another set of hoses just let me know if you want a set. I found the hose at Home Depot, they sell it in 10' sections for $3 and I'm heading by one in a little while, so I'll just pick up another section, just in case.
Thanks Mister_Fett_1975 - the guys on top were extremely nice to make a set for me. Thanks man.

I can't wait to see these!!
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