Update Pics on my custom mando Bucket


I have started the weathering on my custom mando. I am not really pleased with it but i guess it will work. i may have to strip the helmet and start over. What do you think.



It looks like you've added the weathering topically with a spoonge. (correct me if i'm wrong)
What i would do is actually add some scrapes and add a "chipping" effect to some of the areas.

But i really like the overall colours scheme and desing of the helmet..
and considering the weathering you have done you need to dull down the helmet and add some good ol' fashioned dirt. The scrapes is kinda contradicting the shiny silver, if you know what i mean.
and for a used "look" you could use a 3M abrassive sponge VERY gentle
in the places that the scrapes are, and it will look like a smooth used surface....
Wow that is BEAUTIFUL can you wash the weathering off? The paint scheme is SOO sweet. a little elmers glue applies here and there ahen throw some sand on it helps after scraping. further more you can wope it off later if it doesn't look right. gotta get the see though elmers though.
I'm sorry, but I HATE how the mandibles are so wide and even taper. This can be fixed when you install the visor, right?

And I agree with what Boba Swede said, add some ships and scrapes. You could also dip a needle into some silver paint and do some very thin scratches.
Thanks for all the help ( good and bad ). Getting the helmet painted was the easy part. I however do not have the knowledge of how to really put the chip marks and such on the helmet so i will have to some one that has really done this well or find a good step by step instructions to do it right. I have however taken thinner and pulled off the weathering and wet sanded the bucket down. As of friday i will be repainting the Maroon color ( pics look purple ) and some of the black. The silver looks a lot better after the sanding and it has dulled down as it should be. I hope that some one can tell me where some good instructions are to weather a helmet. Thanks again and i hope the next pics will be better........
well guys i have the helmet repainted and have found an interesting way to put some ( texture ) on the helmet without really weathering. By mistake i found that if you put the blue painters tape on the paint ( after drying ) and leave it outside in the sun for about 30 minutes and then pull it off it leaves a cool texture like many panels put together. I will try and get a good picture of this and see what you think.............
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