Greedo Trying to find fabric



Anyone have a good source for fabric on the internet? I tried Joann's but just can't find the fabric to match Greedo's jumpsuit. It's like a vinyl type material without the texture of vinyl.

I'd post this on RPF but alas I can't get in.
You have a couple of options, but you would have to look at it to decide what looks best.... shopping on line to buy fabric can be a bit disapointing, unless the place will send you a swach :p There is PVC ... yep, the stuff that was used on Trinity's black clothing. It comes in different colors, but is usually ment to be used for from fitting clothing. There is chintz, it is a cotton that has a polished surface. It also comes in many different colors but might not have that metallic green look like Greedo's suit had, then there's nylon like what was used for windbreakers. It has a certain sheen, but like I said, you would probabbly have to look to see what was best. JoAnns should carry the Chintz and nylon, but you might have to search for the colors, the PVC might be harder to find :facepalm
Cool thanks for the response. I found what I really like is vinyl but without the texture. I'll look into the pvc that sounds hopeful.

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