IG-88 I want to start an IG-88 build...

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by BH-51512, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. BH-51512

    BH-51512 Member

    Just beginning the prep work. What are some great guides, resources, and sellers?

    Most importantly, where do I get a head?
  2. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    The head was a car engine component I believe. I would check with R2Droid builders first for some guidance.

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  3. Drax

    Drax Member

    I thought it was a Gloucester Meteor combustion chamber from the jet engine? They also used the same combustion chambers for the drink dispensers behind the bar at mos eisley.
  4. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    Yep you are correct, it was a jet engine part. I knew it was an engine something. Read it long ago. Thanks for the save.

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  5. Viper

    Viper Member

    Rolls Royce Derwent part I do believe... ZenixNet please make one I love these builds
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  6. BobaZane

    BobaZane New Member

    That is a big big project. Please share the progress pics with us.
  7. Froflo

    Froflo Jr Member

    This would be incredible to see ! I definetly look forward to following your progress!!
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  8. BH-51512

    BH-51512 Member

    Thanks for the interest guys! I really want to start one, and probably will in the coming months.
    I was lucky enough to come across a guy that makes resin casts of an original rolls royce derwent burner can.

    I still need to research this like crazy though. Need measurements, parts, and all the other fun stuff.
  9. enaswede

    enaswede New Member

    Looks like Gordon has a nice mold....

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