Boushh build mystery - Who made this?


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Hey guys!
I have this up on the RPF as well, just in case.
My brother acquired a Boushh helm a while back, from a collector he knows, but they don't know who made this?
Someone just sold it to the collector and the collector thought it looked legit enough to sell it.
I THINK he said he got it for around $200.00....don't quote me on that though.
It's real leather and cloth strapping, and fiberglass under the dome, and best we can tell, real aluminum mouth piece.
The lights work in real pattern, but I caught it when both were on.
The up/down pattern holds at 140bpm for about 10 reps then gradually falls out of sync for another 10-11 reps until the top and bottom are together at the same bpm for the same duration.
Are there any tell-tale signs from any of the known makers that could identify it?
Here is a set of all-around shots I took.
Thanks for any help you can be!
20200815_213857.jpg 20200815_212851.jpg 20200815_212900.jpg 20200815_212919.jpg 20200815_213006.jpg 20200815_213106.jpg 20200815_213026.jpg 20200815_213044.jpg 20200815_210818.jpg 20200815_213142.jpg 20200815_213153.jpg 20200815_213204.jpg 20200815_213216.jpg


I would have said that it’s a sandman kit based on the lines. He makes great kits.

As far as I am aware he mainly sells through the RPF.

He also is a member here with same user name. Looks like he has not logged in for a while.

Nice build thread with one of his kits