trash armor..what you think?


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thanks so much! here a update of the shouder with decals, and the knee almost finish( wheatering is still missing)......






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hey, here are some pics of the other knee, unasembled, unpainted to see how it look it before..............
can someone tell to yoda that it´s not a cod?:lol:

Imagen 008.jpg

Imagen 009.jpg

Imagen 011.jpg


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This is amazing work. I may have to go this route.
Does the paint stick good to the trash can plastic and plastic pipe? does it scratch off easily?

Mike M.

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so i guess since this is back up at the top again, i'll chime in. what did you use to create the dents in the chest, stomach, and cod? a heat gun and a little bit of pressure? or was there something a bit more devious involved?


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........thanks, whitewulf!!!!!
the darts are made with a used printer carbridge connector....
the paint stick really good, I give it 2 hands of primmer.......
and yes, saint nasty, I used a heat gun on these one´s.....also in the dent in the pvc helmet I´m builiding on.........
thanks to all!!!


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great looking trashcan armor. i have a set that i played around with before i started posting. when i go home later this month (hopefully) ill get some pictures of it for ya
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