Total noob question about resins and armor.

Hi guys, finally getting around to my build after being a lurker for over two years. With the wealth of info on here ive been able to find the answer to almost all my questions and ive had hundreds. One thing i cant get a straight answer on is all the parts that should be resin backed or fiberglassed. I know my MOW gaunts need it. But do you guys back your armor with it too? I know itll add weight to the abs but id rather it be strong. And when you do resin back stuff, are you using the fiberglass cloth as well for that uber strength? Or is the resin enough? Hope im clear here and thanks for the help.


I haven't needed to add fiberglass to anything personally. My animefan helmet and DVH jetpack are fiberglass but I didn't add anything to it. Everything else is vacuum form from RKD.
Yeah i have those too! Those are already strong. Guess im asking for the abs armor more and if anyone uses the cloth with it as well. What gaunts do you have? Mine are almost egg shell thin.


I got my RKD gaunts and I have no idea where to start. They seem strong enough without the fiberglass

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I have been using MOW gauntlets for some time. I have had no issues under normal use but they will lose their shape ( open up) in warm to hot temps. I have hinges on both sides of my and I left them unlocked and seperated in my basement where it was 70 degrees and they got messed up. Easy to fix but messed up.

My BobaMaker armor is ABS ( pretty thick- along the lines of my Biker Scout Armor) and have no issues. I would be afraid of my FP armor cracking since it is so thin though.