Toggles, LEDs & Rotary Switches Mecca

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My fellow Fettheads,

While waiting for a bud of mine today, I unknowingly stepped into a building to find THE Toggles, LEDs & Switches MECCA!!!

My god! The amount of stores and the different types of switches, toggles & LEDs, PAST & PRESENT was a sight to behold! Alas, I didn't really have time to scope out all the stores.

However, I will try to as soon as I can get proper pictures of the accurate used ESB & ROTJ switches [Rotaries etc], toggles and such.

If anyone can post them here on email em to me, I'll have em printed out and will hit the stores and see what pops up.

Thanks all.

Stay safe.

Speaking of toggles... On the ROTJ right gauntlets...are there two toggles switches on the right side?

Didn't mean to hijack...Sorry Halo :(
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Jedi-Bob, no worries...I'm easy. [That sounded cheap didn't it? :D]

And to answer your question, yes there are 2 toggles on the right. ;)

Stay safe.

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Whoops! My bad! I guess I should go to bed is 3 in the morning over here...

Gnite all.

Stay safe.

Here are the switches that Boba Phett found that are thought to be the correct type that were used, it is a grayhill brand
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