Toe Darts? Does anyone make them?

I assume you are referring to the the toe spikes on the end of the shoes, correct? If you have a drill press, these are easy to make out of aluminum.

PM me for details, if you like.
kevin- I meant for forced trekker to PM me, I have NOTHING ! But I would like to know how it was done....can you forward me his pm ?
OK,I'm intrigued by the whole toe dart / drill press thing now:lol: I have a drill press and a set of inaccurate darts and would like to make a new accurate set. Can someone share the info. or PM me too

Hey GM, I have not yet received a PM from Forced Trekker, but I will be sure to let you know once I have ;)

I made mine with a drill press, I cut a piece of aluminum rod and put it in the press. Then while its running I used a large flat file to grind it. Use some wd-40 or equivelent to keep the file from clogging up with aluminum. When you get the point you want stop:) I think I also use some sandpaper or something to get any rogh spots off to.

Then when you are done with the tip, what I did was cut the other end on an angle to mount to my toe plate. I then pop riveted them on from the inside so you wouldn't see how they are attached. They feel like they are welded on.
Hope that helps some

that's ingenious !! want to make me a set ? :)

how did you do the plate ? Did you just cut it and bend as needed ? Then screw it in right ? Can you post more pics of your boots ?

really fantastic job ruffkin !
Suuweeeet!! I great idea.....why didn't I think of this (y) My 478th "upgrade" to my still unfinished ESB Fett :lol:

Thanks for sharing

Chuck, that is almost exactly the same way I made mine.;)

1st I cut a piece of 3/8" aluminum rod off in 3" increments to give you enough room to chuck it tight in the drill.

2nd I mark a line on the piece about 1/2" for the bottom on each piece so you know where to stop "maching" the tip off.

I start with a reall rough crosscut file in the beginning to get the most material off first.

Next, I move to a finer cutting file to smooth it up.

Lastly, I use a piece of steel wool to really clean up the edge.

I used JB Weld to attach my tips to the toe plate. The pop rivet idea sounds good too. If you have the tools, I would suggest taping a hole in the tips for a bolt and attaching them that way.

Here is a pic of my boots:

Ya ... what he said !!!!! I just used these tips and cut some 3/8" aluminum rod down and spun them on the drill press with a file and some fine sand paper and I think they look great .I'll post some pics later . Now how do we cut those angles? Dremel ?..... hacksaw ?.....

O K progress report . I have the darts ( how do I cut them on an angle ? ) I have the bracket/bar . How to attach the darts? I could drill a hole down the center of the dart and thread/tap it . I have small machine screws and LocTite to secure them . Problem ...screw head wont sit flush .... unless ( just thinking out loud ) i grind off the offending screw head at the back to make it flush . What do you guys think ? Oh ... and how to drill the hole through the bracket/bar ? It also has to be on an angle . What is the best way to attach this bracket once it is done ? Oh just in case you're wondering the bar isnt finished and it needs to be cut off at the sides .HELP !!!






:facepalm i crushed myn walking to a cut off tree... that was funest for em, fixed em, and during a performance one of teh screws sprang lose, so that finished of teh right side toe spikes, i crushed the left foot ones when i had to walk on stage, where they got under neath my foot sole...

never made a new set.

though i must say, urs looks alot stronger then myn.:cheers
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