TK-409 ROTJ Cape *PICS*

Trooper TK409

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Thanks to the great info supplied by BobaFettish, Braks and others, I made my own cape from an army half-shelter tent.

This is just how I did mine, I realize there are other interpretations.

Looks good. Good plavement of the gromet. But one thing that stands out to me is that the gromet on your cape and the one in the diagram are in different spots.
DUDE!!! You're really into this costume! First the boots, then the gloves, now is the cape? You're learning so much, my young apprentice! :)(y) Awesome work.

Besides, just like TK-Fett asked, why the grommet is located in a different spot?...

:D This forum and you guys have been an amazing resource for me. Thanks a lot.

On the grommet - I see the discrepancy. I'll fix it.
Thanks :)
Hey, you're inspiring even the most veterans here...good work! Just let's see what else you'll come up with later on. :D

Great cape picture Trooper!!

I put my cape on my basement concrete floor and used a hammer, razor blade, and scissors to weather my cape. I found the hammer made the best results. Took me 5 minutes until i was happy with weathering, now iam sure once it goes through the washing machine the damage will look better.
With the cape flat on the concrete i used a hammer to smash the fabric it makes the material cuts irregular. The hammer was at a slight angle, using the outer edge of hammer's head.
Nice job TK-409. (y) Thanks for the diagram. How did you do your weathering?

fpoato: Are you going to post pics after you wash it? I'd like to compare the weathering to see the differences.
I was thinking about the hammer-concrete mix already, and I think that's teh best choice before you take it into the washer machine, even when doing the weathering in the bottom part, which I'm thinking about using scissors with a "paper-tear" shape (the same ones I'm using to cut the masking tape for all my armor and helmet needs), same ones you see at the Hobby Lobby, to cut the fabric and then hammering that part cutted out to have a more "realistic" look. I haven't start yet with the cape, cause I just got the fabric for the vest (sort of) and working with the jumpsuit. Working everything at the same time, so it will take me some time.

TK409, the weathering looks good but the stitching and pattern is opposite and a bit disproportionate when compared to the real deal. Take a look at the image below to see what I mean. The cape pattern on the right is based on the RotJ cape as seen at MoM (minus the weathering). You can see more info based on that cape at my RotJ cape tutorial.

Thanks Braks. Sorry to cause any confusion for anybody. I've reworded my original post. This, again is just my interpretation... not TDH gospel. As far as it being opposite, the cape does have two sides...
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