Tinted material for chest display

I simply used window tinting but you could use any sort of dark tinted acrylic or even a welding face-shield.
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Personally if I couldn't use a lighted system I would simulate one.

Get some red flashy paper, probably find some at a party store. That pack-in stuff for gift bags etc. Then get black tint or black paper etc. Carefully draw and cut numerical-ish shapes into the black paper. Then put the flashy red behind it. It may not flash and change but if done right I imagine it would look pretty cool.

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Was there ever a consensus on the size of the slots?

Going through the old threads I found two conflicting sets of numbers.

Slots that were claimed to fit Shackman's lights:
TOP: 2" x 1/4"
SPACE: 1/4"
BOTTOM: 2" x 3/8"

And slots that were claimed to be MOM size:
TOP: 1 5/8" x 1/8"
SPACE: 1/4"
BOTTOM: 1 5/8" x 1/4"

Since I too am just about to cut out the slots on my pretty dang close to accurate armor, I cut out little cardboard cutouts to put on top . . . in comparing what mine looks like to the pics on the ref CD, the MOM looks too small on the armor, and the Shackman sized slots look bang on to me.

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It was "supposedly" some sort of red film,or plastic type of material.I used an old vintage transformer red plastic veiwing plate where you would look at the characters vital stats on those card that you would cut out of the back of the box,...it works,and looks perfect,and the plastic is thin enough to not distort any of the chest light characters.
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Chest Armor cut-outs

I have a piece of tinted visor (thanks to a generous fellow member :D) and was wondering, is the tint flushed with the armor or recessed?
JB the way most people do it is cut out the bars on their armor then rear mount their visor display thing. Im lookin for a good pic still though.
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Mount your tint from the back side of the chest armor...it's slightly recessed.

Here's a close up of the display from the Magic of Myth tour suit:
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Once again TDH comes through. :)

Thanks guys! :D

ONE MORE QUESTION, I have the green tint, but will red LED's show through as red or will they be green?
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Don't red and green make blue? Dunno. I'd check first before you mount the tint. You want it dark enough so you can't see the display when it's turned off, but light enough that you can actually see it when it's turned on. I'm using smoked tint on mine.
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I just shined my red laser pointer through my dark green tinted face shield. I expected it to look white, but guess what, it showed through as red. Maybe that's because of the high-intensity of the laser beam, don't know for sure. But I think you're in the clear :)
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I used an extra peice of the dark green visor I had from my helmet and it looks perfect. Just ignore the fact the holes aren't big enough.

I used the the green visor plastic as well and the red lights shine thru great without any green tint at all.

This is an old display and I've since reprinted the letters to be spaced wider...

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