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I finally finished my Ruffkin gauntlets and LOVE the way they came out, BUT the left gaunt at the wrist is tight. I was thinking of cutting the seam of my jumpsuit and inserting a zipper close to the wrist to make it less bulky because it is doubled over now and tucked in my glove.

I would love to hear from anyone that has had a similar gaunt situation and how you fixed it. I haven't added any velcro yet, so closure ideas would be helpful. I'll post pics of the gauntlets next week.

Thanks all, and have a great weekend :D
My left gauntlet fits fine, but it is my right one that is a bit snug. It pinches me right on the thumb-side wrist bone. I have cut out the opening as wide as I could, but still get the pinch, so I just stick a piece of foam in there.

If your gauntlets are already glued together and are too tight, I'd suggest taking the bottom half off and refastening it. If you have already trimmed off the excess plastic, you may need to see if Ruffkintoy can get you another bottom shell.

::Edit:: As far as closure goes, I went with the screen version of velcro on the left gauntlet as seen HERE.
I'm sure the accuracy gods will smite me for suggesting this but I had the same problem with my right gauntlet. In addition to that I had some bad cracking as it was tight plus damaged from the previous owner. I cut a piece of Sintra that would fit inside plus add another inch on the end. I ended up with a lot stronger gauntlets with more wrist room.
Mine fits me fine:)
I'm not sure what the problem is, maybe you have bigger wrists or like you are saying the material bunching up. You could always use some scrap plastic as an extension. If you do need another bottom shell let me know.
Bulk in your sleeve/glove area...just put on your glove with the sleeve on top of it, not inside the glove. Try it and let me know.

I just received my Ruffkin gauntlets today and they seem to fit fairly well after trimming. They look great, too -- can't wait to paint 'em. :D

Have you thought about extending the girth of the gauntlet a little by gluing a strip of styrene on the inside? You could proably add about 1/2" on either side without changing the overall look of the gauntlet.
Well, I added the styrene PLUS trimmed the sleeve and put an elastic closure on it to make it snug and I think that combo is going to be fine. I will put pics up soon.

Guys - thanks for your help. Your the best!
My Ruffkintoy gauntlets were so huge on me that I had to take a hairdryer to the bottom halves even after trimming them to make them fit.
I was working on my Ruffkintoy gauntlets last night and noticed that they seemed big on me. I'm 5'8" 150lbs and have thin girl wrists, so I'm going to have to pad the inside somehow. I hope they don't end up looking unproportionately large on me when they are done. My last set were MB gauntlets which were much smaller. Also, as far as attaching the halves, I did one side with screws and the other side with velcro. I didn't use glue in case I needed to take them apart some time.
I have some Ruff Gauntlets' and I had to add foam padding inside to keep them from "turning" on me. I glued mine closed the " clam shell" way last night. Everything works good so far.

I'm going to finish mine up soon as well, got them almost fitted, not sure if I'm going to keep a velcro closure or use some other thing.

The right gaunt is fine if I seal it but the left, with the calc pad overhanging can't be permanently sealed up because it won't fit over my fist, but that's a close call on anyone's gauntlets, not just ruff's.

Hope to finish mine up this week, at least get them painted :)


BobaFettish wrote:

but it is my right one that is a bit snug. It pinches me right on the thumb-side wrist bone.

Jodo_Kast wrote:

I had some bad cracking as it was tight plus damaged from the previous owner.

You people are stealing my words!:lol: Stop wearing my armor!

What I did on both gauntlets, is close them with velcro on the fronts, like most. But I didn't hinge the backs. What I did was superglue elastic straps (same white straps as the knees and Fett thong) along the insides of each gaunt (about 4 or 5 each) , so they'll stretch and fit snug. They adjust to however I wear them, though I still have the "Numb Thumb" on my right hand.:facepalm Gotta add foam.......
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