This has gotta be a record!!


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I seen that, its definitly just a regular dp95 with Jeremy's john hancock on it, not saying He is not the man when it comes to Boba Fett but its not worth that much. I have a reveal helmet signed by him, maybe the fact it doesnt have the person he signed it for name on it, I dunno? :wacko crazy

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That's quite a hefty price for that. I'm thinking the buyer saw:

"This is an original autographed Boba Fett movie prop helmet..."

and he assumed it was a movie prop helmet and not a replica?


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I e-mailed the guy selling it and asked him if it was an actual 'movie prop' or just a DP '95 and he told me it was a DP '95 with JB's autograph. Pretty shady description if you ask me.


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Wow, Considering you could have bought the 95DP for about $20 and can still get them for about $50 or so and Jeremy only charges about $20.00 to sign an autograph I would say that was a royal ripoff but if the buyer thinks it's worth it, then best wishes to the seller. I f I sold my Jeremy autographes (which I will NOT!) I could pay for an entire costume!

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I agree with Sean. I can't see anyone who had any interest in Boba Fett to waste that much money and not know anything about its origins.

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Just taken a quick look at his last few purchases, now why would a guy who paid 75c for a newspaper and 1c yes 1c for a pair of G-String panties :lol: pay $460 for a fett helmet

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