The Tongue Switch


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Short and simple: I know they're mentioned a lot in the books, but does anyone use tongue switches in their buckets for stuff like RFs and fans. I'm sure the RF looks 10,000,000,000,000 times more menacing if you turn your head and theres no noticable switch flipping as it drops. Just curious...

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for the Rf LEDs, I use a mercury tilt-switch. ut sits on the inside of the rangefinder, so there's no visial give away. You can bend the tube into a certain angle so that the lights switch on when the rangefinder lowers into place, and then off again when it rises back up.

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theres a guy selling magnetic switches on the clonetrooper detachment site maybe just touch the side of you bucket with a finger sounds cool


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Helo pilots use lip-lights on their helmet boom mics which are activated using a tongue-switch. You could, perhaps mod one of these to actuate servos as the tongue pressure required is already tried and tested and would probably save you a lot of time through trial and error (or embarrassing questions in radio-shack). They are pretty cheap. Google it.


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Thank, berkal! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Have you ever thought about incorporatiing something like that into a bucket?