The Paint on my armor is melting!!! Help!

Today i got back from vacation... i walk into my room and check up on my Jango vest. Its a Ra Jango Vest and for some reson the paint has melted off of the armor onto the vinal vest! dose anyone know why this happend so i can prevent it again? id love any help thanks. matt
maybe answering a few questions will help...

what kind of paint?

how long was it on for?

where did u leave ur amror?

did u put prymer on?

was it gooey when u found it had melted?

has it hardened again?
Yeah, those are pretty much the questions. These factors will help in determining why the "melting" occured.

I'd really be curious as to what kind of paint it was. Was it completely cured? If so, I couldn't think of any reason for it to "melt". This really sucks.
Ok dont know all the answers because i bought the armor from Richies Armor. It was sitting on my book shelf with my guants and helmet, which are both fine, and it was, and still is gooey and its been 2 hours sence i found it. ok thats it thanks.
Hmmm...if its still gooey that means that the room temperature is the melting point for it, or there is something chemically wrong. I'd say that u tlak to RA about what happened. Unless we know the type of paint and how it was applied.
I don't think there was something wrong with the armor, but with the painting process it had. Just to explain to you that (by the way, no names are supposed to be showing from suppliers in this forum, use abbreviations i.e. RA).

Somewhere in between there was an important step that was left over, or wasn't correctly done. Let's say...light sanding the armor first to apply the coat of primer before masking and painting (all in that order). Just a wild guess.

Besides, the kind of paint used probably was too much for the effect, which you was supposed to paint it in light coats first (main word here is PATIENCE!), probably 2-3 coats of the main color will be enough. This were just my 2 cents.

Other than that....keep them away from heated or hot surfaces or direct sunlight.

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