The long road of my MSH is finally inside!


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I've had this helmet since the first ones were produced. In fact this is one of the first ones! This was my first real painting project that I started last summer. I had a very bad paint reaction part way through and had to stop and restart from scratch.

It is painted with the Rogue Studios colors. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Onto the pics:

Pics of the entire process, including the world's worst paint reaction and my pool which I went swimming in the second I saw the reaction are here:

Enjoy! Comments welcome!
Outstanding Goat !!! I think you did a great job first try or not .A great personalized paint job with great detail ! I have a Marrow MS2 on its way and it will be my first crack at painting .Please PM me I NEED to pick your brain ... what paints brands , colors etc ? Type of primer .... did you use liquid mask ? Sooooooooooo many questions . If you have time I could use the step by step techniques so I can give it a shot . Cheers

Wow, look at that.... what you use on that, paint? At least, that's what it looks like to me ;) Nice job on that Goat, NICE JOB! :p
All the paints used were the ones discovered by Rogue Studios. Just do a search for Rogue Studios and colors and you'll find the thread and the list. They are all available at

Thanks for the compliments guys :D

I need to get me a new helmet to paint now :D
Great job! :cheers

Kripps said:
Awesome looking bucket man.......I can't wait to get one of those. Rougues colors rock!!

Kripps, if you can scratch build one that looks as good as yours did, I want to see what you can do with a MSH too!
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