The Last Jedi Red Praetorian Guard - Boots and Helmet

Chris Altemeier

New Hunter
This is more of a question and a call for input.

I have twin boys that have been Boba Fett almost two years ago. Hasbro helmet and Disney sourced Boba Fett toy weapon.
View media item 8448And this year they are going to be The Red Praetorian Guard from Last Jedi.
View media item 8449Where I am at with the costume is I need to come up with a Red boot solution and to finish off the Disney based helmet with a back piece.
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I am currently looking at the Doc Martins Gloss Red boots (almost patent leather red) and adding a plastic or covered foam shin/calf and knee piece. If this works, I would assume the same material could be made to complete the back of the helmet as the Disney costume only does front of head cover.

Anyone have success with materials that take well to gloss paint (red)? Maybe 3M vinyl?

Keep in mind this is for twin second graders, so light and durable would be preferred.

Thanks for any help. The Dented Helmet was my primary source to build and complete the Boba Fett costumes.