The frustrating back-plate/collar section


Ok. so I'm working on the backplate and collar piece and its a pain in the @$$. I am using sintra pieces i've cut using a template. I can't tell if the template I'm using is shaped wrong or if its slightly, disproportionately large. when i mold one section, another goes out of alignment. ie: if i fix one shoulder, the other goes askew. my back is V-shaped the armor is box-shaped.

The rest of you who've made your own sintra back plates, can you tell me roughly step-by-step how you measured, cut, and molded it to a fit?

All info appriciated as always.

If you're using my templates, the neck won't line up with the back. (Sorry)

Are you having trouble getting the openings the same size or just having trouble getting the corners of the neck to match the lines of the back plate? As long as you don't mind trimming, I'd just line it up as best as you can and then draw the trip lines with a pencil.
weird. i didnt get an email notification of reply to this thread. Jodo, I'm not sure if it was your template that I used or not. the neck and the collar dont exactly align, but thats easy to fix. i think that i need to slice about 6-8 inches off of the bottom of the plate to cut it down to size, as well as narrow the shoulders a bit. I'll post pics of the results whether its success or disaster.
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