The end of the MS


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Not sure if this is the place to put this thread, move it if you want MODS.

Well it's wierd I decided yesterday to retire the helmet mold and now I get a ZILLION requests:)

Never the less I am still pulling the plug. There is nothing physically wrong with the mold but in the interest of accuracy I've decided to no longer make these available.
I am however, as some have seen and heard, soon offering an all new version that will closely resemble the screen used bucket.
Without accually having the real helmet in my hands it's hard to get everything 100% But I feel this will be a pretty close interpretation.
The overall shape and size have been left untouched, its the finer details, lines and angles that have been reworked that makes this helmet. Also the goal is to offer up a kit that is paint ready in 15 minutues out of the box. The only thing guys/gals will have to do is trim your visor area out and maybe a seamline on attaching pieces.
With that said I guys I need to put my money where my mouth is and get some pictures up.
Not today but look for an update in a week or 2. I want to have the first mold out this month.



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Will this include the lower brow dip?

It's accurate, but I dunno how much i really even like it, makes the helmet look silly really.



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Whew .. ok I can breath again.. When I read the title of the post my :love heart:love skipped a few beats.. I thought you were throwing in the towel, and just as I'm starting to put together a Boba this year. Don't EVER do that again ..LOL ;)

This is great news man .. not that there was anything wrong with the firsts, but I know the Community will be anxiously awaiting the new version. I know I will.

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Well I have the old version and its the dogs danglies:lol:
here what youre saying about ready to paint out the box, there is a small amount of work to do on the old lid but no biggie.
looking forward to seeing update pic tho'



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I know I was worried for a minute. I am just starting my Fett, and am looking to upgrade my DP96 for an MS, maybe later this year when I get money. Looks like I may be looking at a new improved version.


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When I started to read that thred I got a little worried for a sec... man! But ditchinig a mold to make a better more accurate sculpt is never a bad thing! Good luck on the new sculpt and cant wait to see it!