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So I've been learning *alot* about our favorite Bounty Hunter latey... mostly about the preproduction versions of the armor and helmet, as well as al the little details. I've seen some amazing custom Helemts done in the various preproduction styles and it got me thinking; has anyone ever done a helmet, or even a mock-up of what boba fett's helmet might've looked like before it was painted green and red? I mean lets assume that within the Star Wars Universe he's got at least two sets of armor and two helmets (ESB and ROTJ) that he wears with his traditional colors of green and Red.. Now those helmets were made to look pitted and worn and also painted over. Initially maybe they were from other suits of mandlorian armor- what did those helemts look like. I mean the ESB helmet has a Cream, two shades of red, blue, grey... What else did they look like?

And then there's his armor, you can clearly see the yellow meant to by underneath the green.

Has anyone ever explored this aspect of Boba Fett? I'd love to see some interpretations.

I belive the origonal design for the mandelorian armor was with white. At least the color sketches were if I remember... white, gray... with red forhead triangles.

He customizes his armor the same as a WWII dogfighter would there airplane. He adds colors and killmarks to intimidate his enemys. :)
I've been thinking about this too a bit... and his armour was actually yellow in the Holiday Special (even though slightly misshaped) :)
Don't really think his helmet would ever have been all grey when used though, assume that to be some sort of primer. But the back of his (esb) helmet clearly has been cream/kaki! The left ear cap also has one light grey and one red layer beneath the green. And perhaps even the mandibles was a more purple red once.
Cause I just can't imagine Boba sitting with a paintbrush in Slave 1 and doing all that weathering...

... but I might be all wrong.
The yellow on the armor and the helmet are meant to be oxidation from carbon scoring. The grey is likely to be some sort of primer and the lighter colors (such as the light green on top of the dark green on the armor) are just scratches that haven't scratched all the way to the silver. I'm not sure about the other colors.

Or maybe when Joe Johnston was painting he just thought it looked cool.
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