The best visor for MLC helmet?

Hello all, I was just wondering where and how I could purchase the best visor for a ROTJ MLC helmet. You can pm or post here if you'd like. I figure that someone has to make a visor that would be the perfect fit for my new bucket. Thanks for your help and I appreciate even the smallest of information.
I recommend a dark green welding shield for any bucket. It can be cut with regular scissors and its only about 6 or 7 dollars. Omark makes one you can get online.
The green Omark is good for ESB or SE, but for RotJ it needs to be smoked.

Try and mail the guy ( He may be able to help. I recently ordered my visor material from him (Which you can see in my MLC2 helmet on my thread hereabouts), and it is great. Flexible but not flimsy. Cuts with scissors, but supports the front of the bucket.

I think the guys name is eric. Top guy. I just measured the dimensions I needed (don't forget to allow for the curvature of the front) and asked him for a sheet (rather than a visor shape). Voilá!

In asking for the sheet, not the actual visor shape, you get a little left over at the sides that you can use for trooper lenses, or Chest LED openings should you wish!

Hope this helps.

i used erics lenses for my Boba and Biker helmets with no problems.



uk-scout TB7290

Mirax H wrote:

Yup, I used the green on my Jango too from Omark and you can't tell. Looked great!

YES it does. I love it.... Well at least now i know where to go if i ever need a replacement..

(I have mirax's old MLC helmet now)
AWESOME, Thanks for the help guys and gals:) I got one of the Ebay ones but it is WAY too small and it wont bend either. Thanks again and take it easy,

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