Electrics. Fans and audio etc


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Hello. I’d would really appreciate some help if possible. I’m working on my second helmet I’ve got vet done atm. Last year I did a punk spin on boba and now I’m doing the original boba helmet.

After wearing my helmet last year i found that I had quite a few problems that I’m looking on fixing for this years con.
First I was wondering if anyone has any solution to the T visor fogging up as it happened a lot through the day.
Second the heat / cooling. Ideally I’d like to have a fan in the helmet I thought a fan at the back of the helmet would be the best placement as it had the cut out detail on the back but since I’ve seen that stormtrooper helmets have 2 micro fans in them.

Third is the hearing. Again I’ve seen some videos about microphones and headphones but i really don’t have a clue on anything like that.
Fourth is my speaking. I’ve seen a few microphone speaker type things that could help but unsure what the best option might be.
And finally I would like some way of the rangefinder being able to come down and then bac up with a click of a button. I’ve seen a video on it but I have no idea what electrics you’d need to do to it.
Thank you for reading. And help at all would really be appreciated. Thank you once again


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There's a couple of things you can do.

Fans: I use the same that TKs use - I have two mounted over my t-visor (one over each side) It keeps the visor and my head cool. There are a number of builders that sell pre-fab kits that you can buy (just google "helmet fans"). Fans solve overheating in your bucket, and keeping your visor clear.

Speaker: I have a small 20mm speaker under my left chest armor piece that use with a wireless microphone that fits over my ear. Once I sync them, they'll run for 4-5 hours. UKswrathSpecialty makes the ones I have

Rangefinder: (to me) NeoFett makes the best servo based rangefinder kit.

Hope these help!


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I been in this crazy world of cosplay for a couple years now. And like you, I still have yet to find a solution for the heat inside my helmet.
I'll set this up like TKOK has done with my suggestions....

Fans: I live in Washington State and the 501st Garrison Titan has a member who sells helmet fans I just this week ordered his two fan kit. One fan for my helmet and the other for my daughters Boushh Helmet. His sales link is: HELMET FAN KITS FOR COSTUMES / COSPLAY

Speaker: I had an Aker 1505 but didn't like it that much. I have on order a MiCom 2.0 setup that should be in my possession next month - September. If you're not familiar with the MiCom 2.0 setup here is a 9 minute video demo on the product:

Range Finder: Just like TKOK stated, Neo Fett (aka: BH-51512 ) has an outstanding kit. I absolutely love mine (See Below) I bought the version where the button is hidden in my glove on the palm of my hand and my finger activates it! But there are other options too. BH-51512 actually has a sales thread right here on The Dented Helmet - in the Cargo Hold:
Iron's Range Finder - Gif 1.gif

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do!