The Asylum's Custom Armor Progress Thread

I'm going for a 'panel lines' thing on the armor. Like it may be made up of modular parts or has tiny compartments in it. Just an added accent that will be much more visible once the grime is weathered into it.
What is this made of? Sintra or ABS vacumform? I REALLY like the shoulder bell you have there. I want to see this armor together. I'm thinking that shoulder bell or something like that would look great on a Heavy Assault Mandalorian armor I am envisioning. I look forward to your progress.
the grid line texture gives it a very unique look, as does your colour scheme, its lookin excellant so far!, shoulder bells are nice too(y)

That looks fantastic! I'm just confused on how you got the lines on there. How did you do that?

First, I used masking tape to lay out the design. Then I VERY slowly and lightly traced along the tape with a razor blade. Once you go over the line a couple of times, you'll get a groove in it and then you can start adding force. If you go to your local hobby shop and buy a scribing tool, this will be easy. Otherwise, angle your razor blade 45 degrees from center to form a "V" channel in the plastic.

NOT TOO DEEP or you'll cut through your armor!

Did that make sense or should I take pictures? It makes sense to me, but I can picture it in my head...

Am I under the impression that this hasn't been done before?
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Just out o curiosity, why does your ab plate have allmost like a woodgrain on it?

Other than that I like your concept

I'm thinking that's from the wood mold used in the vac process. You really don't see it under regular light and once I paint the final colors over the silver, there won't be enough shine left to reflect it like that, so I'm not going to bother trying to sand it out.
Im not an expert, but thats a little unusual if thats from vacu-formed. Yea, the molds could have been wood, but at the same time, they should be smooth enough to not show features like that. Thats my thought

I dunno. Could be old molds. Could be the plastic wasn't soft enough. It won't matter in the final equation as it's really not that visible in regular light.

I was gonna get started on adding color on top of the chrome, but my latex rubber is all dried out so it will have to wait a day or so.
Your Armour is looking great, even if it has that type of woodgrain effect, it just adds to the look. I too have been cutting lines into Armour, but thats in my Imperial Knight outfit that i'm working on along with my Mando.. Keep up the good work it looks great.....
Well, I went out and got a new Black & Decker 'dremel' tool. Much nicer than my old 5-speed. And tons of cutting wheels. I've got the armor pin-striped off and ready to make the final trim. That's my weekend project. Then I'll get the airbrush out of mothball and get new masking material and start adding color.
Got the armor trimmed today. Just need to take the sander to the edges to get everything smoothed out. This armor just gets better and better the more I work on it!
Here's the latest. Not a lot to look at right now, but I did want to show off the one-piece knee armor and the chest armor's paint job. The armor was primed 2 coats and then painted with Krylon Chrome paint for an additional two coats. Then it was allowed to dry for three days and I'm buffing it out with a cotton ball until I can see myself in it. It won't be a mirror finish, but it doesn't have to be as I'm going to paint a number of coats of paint over top of it very soon.

Oh yeah. Please excuse my dirty pink shop towel. Shop towels don't stay clean very long and pink was CHEAP.
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Received a Stormtrooper shoulder bell and right thigh from MonCal today. Exceptional quality stuff and it's already been trimmed, primed and is waiting for chrome paint. I can't wait to get some pics up.

Gonna have to figure out how to wear a shoulder bell like this with the collarbone armor. I'm thinking of cutting it like a pauldron to make room.
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